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Hiccup and Astrid fixed by Luciand29 on DeviantArt

It was bothering me the sizes of their heads and Hiccup's hand, and the shadows and the lighting too XD I had to fixed it! Hiccup and Astrid fixed

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Wow, amazing gif

Wow, amazing gif

Test Drive | This is my fav soundtrack of the Movie

Test Drive | This is my fav soundtrack of the Movie

HTTYD 2 Concept Art Remastered - Album on Imgur

HTTYD 2 Concept Art Remastered

HTTYD hiccup drawing toothless

HTTYD hiccup drawing toothless Now I want Hiccup drawing Astrid, or Astrid finding drawings of herself in Hiccup's note/draw book

httyd2 (seriously, look at those clouds...I suppose they are just a matte but still)

<<<I cries when he said that because of first movie feels

Mapping the world-- I loved how similar her drawing movements were to Toothless's in the first movie. :)

<<<< Am I the only one who realizes that Toothless's sketch looks like a vague map of the world? You've got north America and south America on the right, europe in the middle at the top.