Terrarium no. 3 by Joy Laforme on Artfully Walls

Terrarium no. 3 by Joy Laforme (This print is sold out.) - A house in a magical terrarium.

Jennifer L Wambach on Lilla Rogers Studio blog

Jennifer Wambach Licensed Art and Illustration offers mixed media licensed art, fabric design and illustration.

Well there we go again :D I am taking part in the Global Talent Search also known as the GTS, an event organised by Lilla Rogers Studio. It's a contest where the winner gets 2 years representation ...

ali benyon designs: How to Get Work as a Freelance Designer - Part 2 with Miriam Bos

Technique I could use for 'then and now' Intervista a Gemma Capdevila

Intervista all'illustratrice catalana Gemma Capdevila

Technique I could use for 'then and now' Intervista a Gemma Capdevila

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