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Sorry, but it's funny. You might not say it, but we all think it. lol

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Pior que é bem assim...

Has teaching pushed you to your limit? Recharge and laugh at some of these classic teacher memes we've rounded up, with special thanks to our WeAreTeachers Helpline community. By WeAreTeachers.

I love teacher humor! Here is a collection of funny teacher memes, quotes, and everything in between. Feel free to laugh out loud.

This happens every time I ask this question...or they ask me before I finish my instructions. :)

U guys do not understand how much this pisses me off lile those r the exact questions and everything!

A teacher's face when... he just took another fidget spinner.

like never going to Disney or buying Crocs.or refusing to turn an extra room into a playroom for a useless office. Parental instincts of a flea.

Teacher tired!  The first week of school is hard!

which around here would be near the end of August

Franklin Habit knows that teaching is easy - all you need are the skills you'd need to "pilot a bus full of live chickens, backwards, with no brakes, down a rock road through the Andes, while providing colorful and informative commentary on the scenery.

Yes. Why because the parents get a break from their demon offspring LOL

There's an old saying that you can either laugh or you can cry. While I love teaching kids, I'm not gonna lie, it's not an easy job, and the more we can find the humor in the everyday things that happen