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What if I'm always blushing because I have naturally really red cheeks??

When ever someone says something to me I blush. When people point out I am blushing I blush more. Also, one day, I looked at my self in the mirror and I had blush on my cheeks, I said to myself, "Oh look you're blushing!

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This actually has to do with Psi phenomenon. It is a type of psychology, and is actually dealt with in The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken, as the terminology is there [the white noise that hurts the Psi: static]

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This seems like something fun to know.

So things DO rhyme with orange, purple, circle and silver Ooohhhh My English Teacher has explaining to do!

Are you telling me you are more likely to be possessed by Satan than bowling a 300 game

Wtf Fun Fact (you've got more probability of winning the lottery than of being attacked and killed by a shark)

wtf fun fact.

WTF Fun Fact - Poli means Many and Tics means Bloodsucking Creatures in Latin - So if we combine them, Politics actually means Many Bloodsucking Creatures