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Obamacare fact: The hoola dance which just twirls around and around and around. Liberals can you explain this logic?

Oh my goodness, can not wait till January 20, 2017 comes along. Prosperity for this country is almost here :)

Under 5 days to go. Let's play kickball because they started it first mommy! Democrats won't let us Republicans have a little fun. Momma go take the ball from them. Don't be a cry baby 'Barack and Hillary and Soros too!

Can you say "free loading losers"?

The ones who blame America for all the wrongs in the world, are the first ones to demand free stuff.

Yea Right!

Quotes I am not a dictator Hitler Castro Obama Political - Expose The Left!

Clint Eastwood and Barack Obama discuss ObamaCare (disclaimer: this pin is meant to be taken with a grain of salt... Please stop getting your feathers ruffled over a meme)

Obama still thinks we have 57 states--maybe this is how he overspends on the 7 invisible states, huh? Clint Eastwood and Barack Obama discuss ObamaCare


Unfortunate but true, and unlike Obama and Clinton, who are using black America for their personal advantage, Trump will work with all citizens to have better lives, and to reach their dreams.

Obama never misses an opportunity to try to take away the guns from Americans. It's all about CONTROL! Say NO to gun control!

Every Blessing murdered by abortion, means one step closer to God removing His hand of blessing on our Christian-founded nation.

Pelosi.. leading the war against the rich. She believes in shared prosperity and wealth.. just not HER prosperity and wealth.. yours.

Nancy Pelosi acquired her wealth while serving in congress, and claims she is underpaid.Another Cali unethical and corrupt politician. What a Shame.

They like their country enough to protect it, why are they trying to turn ours into their third-world country? And why, when Trump says make THEM build it, people scoff? They obviously built this one.

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This shows Mexico’s hypocrisy! via I Support Donald Trump As Townhall and the Free Beacon reported, President Barack Obama is helping Mexico build a wall… on the Southern end of …