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lol...we both need humor in our marrige  :)

Husband- "So, I Scheduled Myself for a Vasectomy This Thursday." Wife- "Don't Be Such a Drama Queen, Carl! I Left You With the Kids for Like an Hour!

Ha! Ha!   Funny for both hospital employees and dental students!

Tehehe That's correct, Doctor. He claims the instructions said to squeeze the toothpaste from bottom.

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Heck yes ....

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I’m returning these glasses I bought for my husband. He’s still not seeing things my way.

A Good 21st Century Dad

Century Dad [COMIC] - we hope you're taking time with your kids - without electronics!

What do we teach girls younger than us by our ACTIONS?

Explains why the scale is not the best way to determine fitness or health. I soooo needed this. The scale has barely budged, but I know for a fact I am quite a bit smaller. Guess I can let go of my scale/weight obsession!

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Snowman Humor: Having fallen on hard times, Frosty is forced to sell his body on the streets.


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There are too many steps to doing most things when you get old.

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