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bloodoftheyoung: T. Reilly Hodgson - from I Fought the Law (and I’m not sure if I won), now in the shop.


Dalton M. Ghetti carves pencil leads into really small but crystal clear visions of amazing art. From the lead of one pencil he made a chain connecting the two halves.

Untitled, 1969, Craig Kauffman. Acrylic lacquer on plastic. 73 x 50 x 9 in. Courtesy the Estate of Craig Kauffman and the Frank Lloyd Gallery. © The Estate of Craig Kauffman


Untitled (from the Loops series), 1969 - Craig Kauffman - molded Plexiglas and acrylic paint.


Aerial and Fashion Photography by Joseph Ford

dear optimist pessimist and realist

Dear Optimist, Pessimist & Realist

Optimist/Pessimist/Realist - Yep a lot of people take my attitude as negative however I am not negative just realist.

ESTOCADO — mscopes: Jiri Geller

ESTOCADO — mscopes: Jiri Geller

Is it wrong that just reading this make me tear up?  This is the best episode of anything I know of.

One of my absolute favorite moments. I cry like a baby, every time. Who's van Gogh episode.

Nicholas Kirkwood pink metallic slipper #MetallicFashionTrends

Nicholas Kirkwood pink metallic slipper #MetallicFashionTrends