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bloodoftheyoung: T. Reilly Hodgson - from I Fought the Law (and I’m not sure if I won), now in the shop.

19th century Ear Trumpet-- Are tubular or funnel-shaped devices which collect sound waves and lead them into the ear. They serve as hearing aids, resulting in a strengthening of the sound energy impact to the eardrum and thus a better hearing for a reduced or decreased hearing individual.

Ch "Ah, no, sir," said Mr Jukes, picking up an ear trumpet that lay on his desk and shouting back. This pic - century ear trumpet


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Magali Reus

Magali Reus - Highly Liquid Installation View at Galerie Fons Welters - The Approach

Creating a disco ball would be fun. I think disco balls are interesting to look at so creating one would be interesting also. I think it will be complicated because you have to focus on each individual square to make sure I have the right gradient and reflection. This would be a cool application also because it makes it seem like a globe

15 Glam Ways to Rock a Disco Ball. For Real.

18 DIY World Globe Crafts! Do you believe in globe-al recycling? My boy would love this. He loves globes and disco balls

Resultado de imagem para wood bike frame

Resultado de imagem para wood bike frame

Written by a man who's losing his own - think I'll take a pass there, Kenneth.

Kenneth is looking rather follicly challenged

Amazing pencil sculptures by Dalton Ghetti- This must have been so hard!!! He made all the little chains out of pencil lead... very good work and must have taken a long time

Dalton M. Ghetti carves pencil leads into really small but crystal clear visions of amazing art. From the lead of one pencil he made a chain connecting the two halves.

Melting Flora, by Nick Knight

"Melting Flora" by Nick Knight. I absolutely love and hate when I see something that looks just like the kind of thing I would paint. Oh, Nick Knight, I'm watching you.