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Honest advertising- the one about chick-fil-a is SO TRUE

A fresh batch of Honest Slogans

hahahaha; not true for me...i love baby humans!

How I react to babies

Funny pictures about How I react to babies. Oh, and cool pics about How I react to babies. Also, How I react to babies photos.


By All Means Proceed. - Laid Back Cat Has No Problem with You Using Toilet ---- best hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fail

cats are liquids...If I were a cat, I would TOTALLY sleep in the gutter....

I know we see a lot of Emma Watson here, but I feel this deserves its place.

There there, It's gonna be ok!

Aww, what a sweet Rottie :) one of the only dogs I will ever consider owning again!


This is a hummingbird who size is smaller than a thumb.

Great Dane Puppies & a Sulcata Tortoise

The Humane Society of the United States - Farm Animal Protection Campaign. So cute! This rescued tortoise was in need of some love. He made pals with these (rescued) dogs, and now they are one big happy, multi-species, family! Animals are awesome!