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I feel ya bro. When short people get in a fight we have to stick together! No, literally. You stand on my shoulders and fight back.

Haikyuu text posts

Haikyuu text posts Oh Lev!

Haikyuu!! Text Posts - Actual Queen Kiyoko

Text Posts - Actual Queen Kiyoko, and Princess Yachi

Haikyuu!! Text Posts

The summary of Haikyuu

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why does this describe me perfectly?

Haikyuu!! Text Posts

Text Posts<<<Course you're fluent, ya trashcat.

i have a feeling this is me

Except for Kuuro

You also need fertile soil to make flowers grow

You also need fertile soil to make flowers grow <<< pinning for that caption

Haikyuu!! Text Posts

this scene was intense tbh

Haikyuu!! Text Posts

i don't watch anime but the text posts are still funny

you are not a robot.

text post (think this kid's name is Kenma, can't ever remember) << yep. sometimes I get kuroo and kenma's names mixed up

Me to my friends lol look how blurry he is. He was moving too fast for a screenshot

I was hated my first time at training camp, aka Marching band camp. I was VERY nervous and felt like puking.

Tsuki: *throws shade*

haikyuu oh Tsukishima

ヘ( ̄▽ ̄*)ノ forever alone HAHAHAHA but I ship  Tanaka x Shimizu \(^ω^\) Haikyuu!!!!!!!!

Tanaka >>> I've been thinking about this ever since I got into the Haikyuu fandom and saw all the gay ships yet Tanaka was always left out LOL<< Somwtimes tabaka x noya

Oikawa is the personification of this. >> i never realized how true this is

This is so true Oikawa Tooru that it hurts.right in the kokoro

Haikyuu text posts

Haikyuu text posts>yass this is so me