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Fooood xD cr : markmytuan #kpop #kpopmemes #seventeen #seventeenkpop #seventeenmemes #mingyu #hoshi #jeonghan

Fooood xD cr : markmytuan #kpop #kpopmemes #seventeen #seventeenkpop #seventeenmemes #mingyu #hoshi #jeonghan

Norman Reedus' cat... Eye In The Dark. Awesome name!

Norman reedus' cat

Norman Reedus with his black cat, "Eye in the Dark"<-- I don't watch walking dead much, but this is so sweet!

_Rroseccx  ✿ Este libro ha sido creado para el bien común de la human… #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad

Memes De Got7

It's true. It's meeee

_Cose Da Army_

YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS lol it's true and from one of my favorite BTS videos (BTS style 'Hush' of Miss A)!<<< whenever I hear "K-Pop", I just slip into the room like, "You have summoned me?

Suga's smile tho!!

This is too funny because Kook doesn't like to be called "oppa". I'm sorry oppa, but I'm also younger then you

When I am at home I like to use my Bluetooth speaker with the volume up. My siblings always walk over to me and tell me to turn it down. The excuse I use is,"But it's Power by EXO! There's no way I can turn it down."

How to make new kpoppers. Step One: When your listening to kpop make sure people are surrounding you and are quiet. Step Two: plug in speakers and pick the most randomest/recent song you liste

Mutual support hahahaha

This is soo cute . That My favorite band is getting so widely recognized and evento has idol fans . But its also sad because i feel that they are getting futher away any way they make me happy :)

Jackson, why did you even answer that? You must answer wan tan Mee or dim sum

2Jae- Me&You

Jackson's Hot because of rice. That's me eating rice for the rest of my life until I turn into a beautiful kpop star