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Longest Fur on a Cat won Guinness World Record

Longest Fur on a Cat won Guinness World Record. How about a record for terrifying kitty?

I shouldn't have stuck my nose where it didn't belong lol

We took a lot of heat from dog owners after our last post about dogs that immediately regretted their poor life choices, so we decided it was time to spread the heat: this is Bored Panda's ultimate list of cat-fails! Maybe cats are more agile, and maybe e

This domestic kitty has amazing markings don’t you think.

British Shorthair - 17th October 2014

I really love the beautiful markings of this cat. Looks like a mini tiger.

Could ‘Pompous Albert’ Be the Next Grumpy Cat? - saved this for the pet ice cream recipe and article

What an handsome lad Albert is! Could ‘Pompous Albert’ Be the Next Grumpy Cat?

* * MITTENS: " Dont's let em play ya. I iz a Selkirk Rex breed. I don'ts like it either."

cybergata: Elfie - The Curly Cuteness of Selkirk Rex Kitten This cat looks like it is having a bad hair day.

cybergata:  Paula’s coat by Trutze Selkirk Rex Its like a cross between Sunny and Devin.

Black Selkirk Rex I think if I got a male cat of this breed and let lullaby and him have a little of kittens and then get them both fixed that they would make beauuuutttiful babies. I would keep one of their kittens and then see who wanted the others of c

Himalayan kitten!

I seriously love ragdoll kittens. best images ideas about ragdoll kitten - most affectionate cat breeds - Tap the link now to see all of our cool cat collections!

Kitteh Kats - it's Cat Paradise

"Poodle Cat": Triple coated curly cat Selkirk Rex which originated with a feral cat in Montana in Current breed is descended from the curly haired kitten named Miss Depesto.

Adorable little kitten

My rag doll kitten, her name is Aqua because of her gorgeous blue eyes.Yes,I am a cat person not that I don't like dogs but I always loved kittens and cats.