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Kimara 204 - Kimara
The island was a roadside find made of cast iron and wood. The reclaimed pumpkin pine (a wood named for the orange hue that develops after a century or more of oxidation) on the floors also trims the Carrera marble countertops.

Tiny Holiday Cottage Tour

PineRidge Timberframe - Newbury blue navy ivory trim cabin in woods
Exterior Charm - Our New Favorite 800-Square-Foot Cottage That You Can Have Too  - Southernliving. To manage the home's tiny footprint, Ingram was meticulous with scale. "When designing little homes, you run the risk of them looking like playhouses unless you take the proportions really seriously," he says. So he played to a grander scale wherever he could, including the size of the windows and the front-and-center positioning of the porch. From there, it was a matter of adding classic…

Our New Favorite 800-Square-Foot Cottage That You Can Have Too

Find some amazing inspiration to get your laundry space into shape now matter how small it is with these beautifully organized small laundry rooms.

Beautifully Organized Small Laundry Rooms

Unelmien ruokailutila tässä kasvihuonetta muistuttavalla kuistilla. Maalaistunnelmaa, valoa ja isojen ikkunoiden tuomaa todellista luonnonläheisyyttä. #Cottage #mökki

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