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Large windows allow in ample light in this corner of the loft and provide a great place for a makeup vanity.

A Painter's DIY Small Condo Design | Interior Design Styles and Color Schemes for Home Decorating | HGTV

A Painter's Small, DIY Condo Design

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Pick a well-lit corner of your home, either by natural light or a lamp, and arrange a comfy armchair in it. Place a table nearby, stacked with your favorite books and reading lists.

If you like a more subdued color palette in your home but crave a splash of color, mix in a bright hue with bold art that can be changed as often as you like to suit your mood.

Design Behind the Living Room Sofa

From contemporary to modern, transform your living room with design details that offer a big impact.

Forms in Nature, Chandelier that Projects Tree Shadows

Forms in Nature, Chandelier that Projects Tree Shadows

Foto: Chandelier Turns a Room into a Forest Different lighting can completely change the look and feel of a room. Chandelier is a beautifully designed bundle of white tangled branches, casting shadows on the walls that look like forest trees.

カフェ風/セルフペイント/ヴィンテージ/日本住建/塩系インテリアの会/ハンドメイドプレート…などのインテリア実例 - 2015-06-27 11:04:47 | RoomClip(ルームクリップ)

カフェ風/セルフペイント/ヴィンテージ/日本住建/塩系インテリアの会/ハンドメイドプレート…などのインテリア実例 -2015-06-27 11:04:47

カフェ風/セルフペイント/ヴィンテージ/日本住建/塩系インテリアの会/ハンドメイドプレート…などのインテリア実例 - 2015-06-27 11:04:47 | RoomClip(ルームクリップ)

Found it at Wayfair - Beige & Gray Area Rug

Found it at Wayfair - Jesseren Beige/Gray Area Rug

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Simple Hot Chocolate, Three Ways

Love It or List It Vancouver/Too. Resource & Episode Guide. Different fireplace - raised up w/o a hearth or mantle - interesting. Season 3, Episode 11 Stephanie & Darrell.

The modern style fireplace, wood beams and cubby style shelves - mad love (Jillian Harris of course.

Living Room Reading Corner at The Wood Grain Cottage

Living Room Reading Corner

The placement of the chair and table with the lamp. : Living Room Reading Corner at The Wood Grain Cottage