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Joey Guidone Illustration: Texting… Or Cheating? Joey Guidone's illustration for The Boston Globe accompanied an article about infidelity and technology that suggests, “Your Spouse is Cheating on You, On Her Phone, Right Now.

Andrew Fairclough recursos humanos

THE GLOBE & MAIL, Andrew Fairclough (KINDRED STUDIO), illustration, 2014 Editorial illustration for a feature on skills cloudsourcing in the December 2014 issue of The Globe & Mail's Report On Business magazine.

Emiliano Ponzi

'divorce with regret' by Emiliano Ponzi for the Telegraph UK, Stella magazine. The female figure is yearning for the absent figure in the image, and her life. Simple but effective use of negative space to illustrate the point.

"With no serious debate or challenge, the chancellor George Osborne is taking a huge gamble by opening up Britain’s economy to Beijing" by Rafael Behr

Hard-hitting political illustrations will get you thinking

The Guardian opinion sectionHere are some illustrations for The Guardian's opinion section with whom I frequently collaborate. /// Voici des illustrations que j'ai fait pour la section opinion de The Guardian avec qui je collabore fréquemment.