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Check out my interview with Casey Abrams from American Idol. funny people Gay bacon strips T-Rex kitty! Funny People by Jill Greenb.

There he is!


Funny pictures about Did someone say food? Oh, and cool pics about Did someone say food? Also, Did someone say food?

Replace the cat and single color with 3 kids and 3 colors of yarn, and you have my house

"Yeah, I didn't know I could knit, either." Funny thing is, this is about how it looks when I've tried to knit.

30+ Funny Snapchat Cats

30+ Funny Snapchat Cats

Cactus.  The only cat-proof houseplant.


it's afraid. My cat thought our cactus was a second litterbox. She pissed there so much that the cactus drowned. cat Cactus Stupid funny laugh at it

I'm crying. I am literally crying because of this video. This is wonderful. XD

Best cat compilation video I've seen! I am literally crying because of this video. This is hilarious.

Also explains why they almost never meow back when I try and "talk" to them. They be like, "Well excuuuuuse youuuu"

Fun Cat Facts - Cats tend to meow only at humans, very rarely at other cats. There's a strong chance 'meow' means: "Come hither, slave.

The revenge of the cat!

Funny pictures about Evil Cat Photobomb. Oh, and cool pics about Evil Cat Photobomb. Also, Evil Cat Photobomb photos.

This is what happens when your cameras auto timer light happens to be a bright red dot . You get photobombed by your cat