Trolls de la suerte

Do you remember Trolls? How about Cabbage Patch Kids?

vintage 70´s barbie doll - Buscar con Google

**** Loved this doll house**** This is neat with the old furniture the way that it was and everything: Vintage Barbie Townhouse with Lots of Furniture

Si al ver estos juguetes no sientes una profunda nostalgia, eres demasiado joven ⋮ Es la moda

Old square numbers puzzle game plastic toy

Loved these dolls.

Loved these dolls -- Damn Dolls

Toffos - Tosi hyviä, mutta jäivät hampaisiin kiinni. :(

Toffo : these were my favourite sweets, so chewy !

Troll pencil toppers: I had a purple-haired one.

Troll Dolls pencil topper - had one

Vintage Cuca Dols dresser / Tocador Cuca Dols de Juypal | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Vintage Cuca Dols dresser / Tive um igual a este


23 Golosinas que comías en tu infancia y hoy no encuentras por ningún lado


this guys....dynamic duo

Clarissa & Sam - 'Clarissa Explains it All'. I so wanted to be clarissa!

mochilas vintage2

¡Me vale ser un adulto! Mi niño interior quiere estas 30 mochilas

had and loved clear bags!