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Rich with history, Philadelphia is a must visit spot for anyone on the east coast. Find a cheap bus ticket on www.bustripping.com and get moving!

Liberty Bell Center in Philadelphia, PA. Liberty Bell Center offers a video presentation and exhibits about the Liberty Bell.

Rocky statue in Philadelphia.  the rocky films are probably the best films ever made!

Rocky statue at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. For those of you who don't know, this statue has been moved three times and almost went to the scrap yard because someone that was influential didn't think it was art.

Top 10 Historic Sites to Visit in Philadelphia #OldCity

Philly's Must-See Historic Attractions

Visit the historic Liberty Bell or take a guided tour of the Portrait Gallery at Independence Hall. Less than 10 minutes from our Windsor Suites in the beautiful and historic Philadelphia.

City Living - Philadelphia

City Living - I would absolutely love to own one of the beautiful row homes or trinities in Philly proper one day.

Originally known as the Great Quaker Bell, the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia dates from 1751. It cracked in 1835.

Originally known as the Great Quaker Bell, the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia dates from It cracked in

You can’t actually ring the Liberty Bell, but you can  see the bell up-close. No tickets are required, and make sure to pick up a Junior Ranger Activity Book so little ones can complete activities to earn a Junior Ranger badge.

On July popular legend says the Liberty Bell rang to symbolize America’s independence from Great Britain. But many “facts” about the Bell, such as the 1776 ringing, are shrouded in myster.

Visiting Philadelphia for a Long Weekend: 10 Things to See from Independence…

Visiting Philadelphia for a Long Weekend: 6 Things to See From Independence Hall to Valley Forge

Jul 8 - ON THIS DAY in the Liberty Bell rang out from the tower of the Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia, summoning citizens to the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence.

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A Philly Fan Favorite! The PHANATIC!

Philly Phanatic - This picture is EPIC! Our favorite Phillie.with our favorite Billy in the background during The World Series Parade. If you can look at this picture and not smile, then there is something wrong with you!

Liberty Bell: Did you ever know that the word "Pennsylvania" is spelled incorrectly on the bell (sans one "n")? Educate your kiddos with that fun fact once you get to this Philadelphia icon

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