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Once I fell asleep in choir class and I was woken by one of the other students. I thought they had asked me to show off my dancing (I am quite known for my horrible dancing). So I got up, half asleep, and walked to the middle of the room and started doing the Jensen Ackles dance. They all laughed and then I heard a "What are you doing?" To which I replied, "Dancing..." "No I asked you to go down to the office and copy a permission form for the field trip." ..."Oh"... And I will never forget…

When a Taurus feels awkward or uncomfortable, they try to play it off with a joke or change the subject almost immediately. But don't think they won't remember this moment for the rest of their lives.

Daisy Flower & Quote Tattoo: Something similar with a sunflower and "you are my sunshine" lyrics, perhaps?

Wolf and Crow

Raven Lord by Christy "Goldenwolf" Grandjean. He is the Lord of Ravens, a werewolf that has a special bond with his intelligent corvids, using their magic to aid him. For wherever he is there will always be food for his shadowy companions.