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I just skipped to Canada thinking "what are they gonna say ? We're too nice? They can't offend us!" And then I saw the American flag and just narrowed my eyes


It's funny. I'm Polish and if I saw that sign anywhere, I would be really happy. Proof that not many people know polish real culture<<<I agree. I'm polish too.

If browsers were weapons…

If browsers were weapons…

animal gaurds lol

Funny pictures about Owls Work In Mysterious Ways. Oh, and cool pics about Owls Work In Mysterious Ways. Also, Owls Work In Mysterious Ways photos.

When that guy you think is annoying scares you for fun.

A little too close for comfort

Insanely Close Calls, Some Of These Guys Were Very Lucky (gifs) ~ Humor Pictures 24 - Very Funny and Interesting Pics


Funny Pictures, Fail Pics, everything to laugh about . Check it out it is in german.