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Street artist takes Russian buildings at face value

Graffiti artist Nikita Nomerz travels around Russia with a cool project called The Living Wall,where he brings old architectonical structures to life by painting playful human faces, eyes and hands on them.

giant trompe l'oeil painting appears to break through paris highway

giant trompe l'oeil painting appears to break through paris highway

Sneeuwbril - street lamp Street art

Funny pictures about That's Quite A Spectacle. Oh, and cool pics about That's Quite A Spectacle. Also, That's Quite A Spectacle photos.

5- A Global Art Project Brings Paintings of Anonymous Figures out of Museums and onto the Streets

From the Museum to the Streets wordsnquotes: “culturenlifestyle: Artist and filmmaker Julien de Casabianca’s Outings Project was first conceived when he visited the Louvre and stumbled upon an Ingres.

The best examples of street art in 2012 (48 pictures) | memolition

Street Art Leaning Tower of Pisa - in Philadelphia-PA-USA. S Condon we must find this!

Eyebombing: bringing street objects to life by attaching googly eyes to them.

12 Coolest Examples of Eyebombing. Eyebombing is the act of putting googly eyes on inanimate things in public spaces. Ultimately the goal is to humanize the streets, and bring sunshine to people passing by.

funny eyebombing trash bin

Eye-bombing: As the Web site home of this funny trend explains, googly eyes “humanize the world.

#StreetArt #UrbanArt - Etam Crew / Sainer

street art By Sainer from Etam Crew. On Urban Forms Foundation in Lodz, Poland 1 this is best thing I ever seen