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My partner: "You're my Idaho potato. I love my potato. My potato understands me. Well, maybe not understands all the time, but my potato accepts me.

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Human, why are you trapped in my butt warming machine. Cat recognizes owner over video chat.

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Cat adopted four orphan baby hedgehogs after their mother died and raises them alongside her own kitten.


In the rodent family. Maybe the chillest beast ever. [this funny picture via lolsnaps] cool hoodies & sweats


This is the picture I text someone who doesn't answer my call. 45 Absolutely Hilarious Pictures of Animals to Make You Laugh

Dogs That Look Like Other Things

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Funny pictures about Seems Like A Nice Genetic Advantage. Oh, and cool pics about Seems Like A Nice Genetic Advantage. Also, Seems Like A Nice Genetic Advantage photos.


Oh I love that. I'll pin it.did I already pin it? Oh well, I'll pin it again.

My black cat always wanted the food bowl "topped" off, and if I did oblige, he'd promptly bumped my hand while pouring food as so more food than planned fell out...Brat cat!  Miss that guy :)

pp: 27 Hilarious Cat Confessions. (You notice it isn't called cat shaming because unlike dogs, cats just don't care!) I am glad I am not the only one who calls my beloved little fur babies A--holes! Must read for cat owners. Nina does this everyday

my nominee for the coolest cat ever award

Funny pictures about Friendly Cat. Oh, and cool pics about Friendly Cat. Also, Friendly Cat photos.

Life Goes Bad

Cute Kittens Posing as Sexy Pin-up Girls

I love box! I like to be in box. I like to be around box. But mostly in box.