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Hahaha. No, Johnny Lee Miller, you are not Sherlock Holmes.  Only Benedict Cumberbatch can be Sherlock.

Funny pictures about I am Sherlock Holmes. Oh, and cool pics about I am Sherlock Holmes. Also, I am Sherlock Holmes.

Not To Mention Our Hearts!

Benedict Cumberbatch Takes Manhattan, His American Fans Rejoice. Timeline of events and reactions. This just makes me smile :)

Aaaahhhh. And the way the OTP s get together is PERFECT AND MAGICAL AND YOUR DREAM COME TRUE. ...JOHNLOCK

normal girls just daydream about getting married and perfect outfits." Aren't ordinary people so adorable?

no cup stealers need apply. (lord of the rings + sherlock, forever!)

Behold the Smauglock: Half Sherlock, half Smaug, 100% Benedict Cumberbatch!

Sherlockians are those that enjoy Sherlock. Holmies are the OBSESSED and evolved form of Sherlockians. No one pressed B. NO ONE PRESSED B!!

Benedict Cumberbatch says Assange could “mess with” his life, as Sherlock fans ask – “has nobody thought of the consequences?

Benedict Cumberbatch, the first actor in history to play Sherlock Holmes who has a name more ridiculous than "Sherlock Holmes"

Funny pictures about Ridiculous names. Oh, and cool pics about Ridiculous names. Also, Ridiculous names.

This very well could be my favorite thing pinned, on Earth, at all. (See what I did there? That subtle Sherlock Holmes reference? "There's nothing of interest out there for me, on Earth, at all."....... Never mind....)

Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law - Holmes and Watson. Confession: Jude Law is my favorite Watson =)

The Hobbit

Funny pictures about The perfect synopsis for The Hobbit. Oh, and cool pics about The perfect synopsis for The Hobbit. Also, The perfect synopsis for The Hobbit.


Like father, like son. I absolutely love that they had Benedict's real parents be Sherlock's parents in the show. Ben and his dad have the same smile!

I love, love, LOVE his wrinkles!

those aren't wrinkles, those are laugh lines. It's not the same thing. And laugh lines are sexy! << that is exactly what I thought when I saw this picture.

My mother tells me all the time that there is no reason to act like Elementary is so horrible, and that Sherlock is better. She stopped when my grandfather went on and on about how accurate the BBC version was at thanksgiving.

Not Sherlock…

Elementary: Season 1 based on the characters by Arthur Conan Doyle, starring Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn and Jon Michael Hall. "A modern take on the cases of Sherlock Holmes, with the detective now living in New York City.

I really love this, but Sherlock is a highly functioning sociopath<<< it's not Sherlock it's Khan (I think that's how it's spelled) from Star Trek Sherlock has longish hair and in this picture it's short so it's not Sherlock it's Khan

Sherlock is not a psychopath. He's a high functioning sociopath. <<<<<<<<<< Except that is not Sherlock, that, in fact, is Khan. He is not a high-functioning sociopath, but a pschopath of sorts.

Definitely. I set my friends ringtone to it, who also likes bbc sherlock. He prefers to be called Moriarty ;)

"Stayin' Alive played in the radio today and I was like, "Moriarty, Moriarty, Moriarty!

Not only was there drunk Sherlock and drunk John, there was "SILENCE IS NOT MY DIVISION" Lestrade... | Tumblr Reacts To "Sherlock's" "The Sign Of Three"

Tumblr Reacts To "Sherlock's" "The Sign Of Three"

i swear they were meant to throw up in the police cell, they didnt when i watched it on tv the other day. Not only was there drunk Sherlock and drunk John, there was "SILENCE IS NOT MY DIVISION" Lestrade.