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Working only with rocks, gravity, and patience, artist Michael Grab builds precarious towers and bridges that seem to defy gravity.

Gravity Glue is the work of artist Mike Grab. Supposedly the rocks are stacked using only gravity. Checkout the videos to see Mike in action and also his gallery of work over the last three years.

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Victoria & Albert Museum World Beach Art, Stone Mosaic Garden Inspiration —studio 'g' garden design and landscape inspiration and ideas Studio G, Garden Design & Landscape Inspiration

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Cairn elements are artistic, spiritual, and visually appealing. Cairn rock creator, Michael Grab is a rock balancing master, "master stacker".

Stylowi.pl - Odkrywaj, kolekcjonuj, kupuj

Stylowi.pl - Odkrywaj, kolekcjonuj, kupuj

Equilibrio... this can only be real if it involves glue I suspect!

Tired of trying to figure out what to do with all of the stones in your backyard? Use them to decorate your garden! There are many ways to use stones to make your garden unique and beautiful. Here are nine creative ways you can use stones in your garden.

This rock balancing is done by Michael Grab.  He is an artist and has killer patience. From his site gravityglue.com

This dude has a sick skill!!

Michael Grab, ‘rock balancing‘ artist since creates astonishing towers and orbs of balanced rocks using little more than patience an.

land art para todos los públicos

land art para todos los públicos

Precarious Bridges and Towers of Balanced Rocks by Michael...

Precarious Bridges and Towers of Balanced Rocks by Michael... (http://links.thisiscolossal.com/)

Precarious Bridges and Towers of Balanced Rocks by Michael Grabby Christopher Jobson on January 2015

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Harmony: This photo represents harmony and peace because the waterfall is soothing and the rocks are well balanced.