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Dave Karkat vriska rose john jade sollux jake terezi equius gamzee eridan feferi tavros nepeta kanaya Jane Roxy dirk 413 rubbish sorry if the gifs are out of sync im so done ith this

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The John one I swear

Johnkat.  XD

Ack, Not the Bucket by The-EverLasting-Ash hahahaha Karkat's face -- dat gamzee tho

Ok then..

dave and john as parents. I AM DYING! (I don't think I ship this but I might idk wat.) BUT I AM DYINGGGGGGG (davejohn) // serously, Dave as a dad is just the most awesome thing ever

ikimaru SU au, Gemstuck

ikimaru SU au, Gemstuck ---> This hurts man.

*punches through your wall and shouts* AQUARIUMSTUUUUUUUUUCK

Aquariumstuck-->Dave is Gunter

Jake is little just like John! Isn't it cannon when the artist draws it that way?

I lost it at "widdle tiny baby.

OMFG JOHN IS JUST "Hi Karkat" and I can't stop laughing EVERYTIME I read those two words from John in any aquariumstuck piece!!! XDDDDD

Karkats face on the last one made me laugh XD ==> OMG Dave's a penguin.

Some of these sound similar to some romances in #homestuck.

The Homestuck fandom is an amazing thing. :) please excuse the foul language

i was not expecting that... gosh, that threw me off. :) haha gamkar i loves them

I would love to be moirails with him he would be like my bro and we would do all of the cool miracles. I'd love for Gamzee to be my moirail!

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Homestuck / iFunny :)--> This was one of the first comics I saw when I got into the Homestuck fandom==>aww

dave is so cute

I would have been completely fine if this was actually how it went down. OuO<<<idk, the actual moment was a pretty beautiful and emotional moment in the story, adding a lot to both of their characters

oh my god this is so cute <3

Feferi, March, Eridan<><> I can assur-e you t)(is )(appn-ed.

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Ahah poor Tavros :o) (oh and i like this human Gamzee)

Homestuck this is the best thing I have ever read<<<Mr. Angsty Stripes oh my COD<< this is absolutely brilliant

Homestuck this is the best thing I have ever read<<<Mr. Angsty Stripes oh my COD<< this is absolutely brilliant<<<I love this persons mom

iT WAS FUNNY UNTIL                                        NO

This was funny and awesome Homestuck and then.