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"Calum... I don't know if I can do this.." You say grabbing on to his arm. He kisses your head "I'll be right next to you and I'll hold your hand." He smiles, you look at him not so sure "It'll be fine. I promise.." He hugs you tightly "Ookkaaayy...." You say getting onto the ride. The bars go down and the roller coster starts "OH MY GOD!!" Calum yells, "WOOOOOOHH!!!!" You yell back smiling. "THIS WAS NOT A GOOD IDEA!!" He screams like a little girl and you laugh. The roller coster is over…

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This picture of Calum made me forget the meaning of "breathe". He is so goddamn beautiful.

He looks so perfect standing there Luke probably stole a pair of his underwear and ik now why hes so down <<< his concerned face is a work of art he is looking for the nearest Walmart

Heartbreak Girl, SLSP, Don't Stop, Amnesia <3 this is my favorite thing ever

Heartbreak Girl, SLSP, Don't Stop, Amnesia this is my favorite thing ever

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Oh goodness! Xx This is Amazing! I feel like luke is the cuddliest and always wants to cuddle.

It's just a normal photo....until you see Calum excellent photo bomb...

Luke and Calum.Aaaahh is that an album I spy or at least part of one! I love cal's face haha and Luke stop seducing people!

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Luke & Calum <<< wait wasn't chives a thing from drake and josh or am I just an idiot?

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Baby 5 Seconds of Summer Aww lol.but ashton and calum, Bahahaha! I think i just died.

damn calum. back at it again with tha........good looks ? should have thought this thru more lol//

i'm calum. i'm a ninja in training. my parents were ninja. i'm a red ninja. my element is earth. my sister is maylani.