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Tate Modern London February 2016 //collage

"Loa" 2007 acrylic paint ink and photograph on paper and oil paint on canvas at the in the room 'painting after technology' by galeriemaxhetzler

TLYA 18_Instant magique/ TLYA 19_Piano/ TLYA 20_Palais des Papes

Marie Angeletti's artworks, biography and articles

Tate Modern London, Europe


mixed media collage, pen, matte varnish on wood

Jean Dubuffet

Linder - untitled but artist involved in Feminist politics.

This image suggests a darker side to the fantasy of a picture perfect romance.

Barbara Kruger, London, Modern, Galleries, London England

Electric Chair, Andy Warhol, Pop Culture, Pop Art, London, Galleries, London England