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Okay... so if I threw a snowball or pillow at him, and he gave me that look... I think I should run!!!

Sebastian and Friends — Sebastian Stan Gif Hunt --- loved him in 'The Covenant'<< I loved him in every movie

Sebastian Stan

lots of pictures of Sebastian Stan. Sebastian Stan is a Romanian-American actor, known for his role as James Buchanan


Sebastian Stan was doing a photo op with a Winter Soldier cosplay couple when a proposal happened.

He looks so seductive right here || Bucky Barnes || The Winter Soldier || Sebastian Stan

Seeing this happen was what made me clench my fists. When he lay back I gritted my teeth, & when he screamed, I closed my eyes & turned away.

(gif) - Sebastian Stan: "I lived in Romania until I was eight and then I left for Vienna. I lived there for another three/four years and then I came here in '95. [So can you speak German and Romanian?] Nein! No, I mean, yeah - no I can, I mean I can speak Romanian fluently with my mom still but German is..."

Sebastian please I can speak polish XD<<I wanna learn Romanian all of a sudden.