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Tattoos love Puppies too! Haha I would instantly fall in love with a guy tatted up holding a baby pitbull :)

I don't even know what kind of puppy this is, but he looks like he wants to play

"Why isn't Princess muzzled? I love both of the texts! and I love pit bulls .every single one I know is sweet.they need to muzzle those monsters that abuse them not the Pit bulls!

Vicious Animal for Sure

People just hate pit bulls because they are raised in the wrong fashion. If you raise them like a normal dog instead of a fighting menace, they are actually quite adorable :) This is true; I am a pit bull mama. This puppy is so sweet looking.


Zeus and Zena: Brother and Sister, Pit Bulls. Didn't know that pit bulls looked like this

pitbull funny house rules dog love

And if your prejudice against pit bulls, come on over and my dogs well change your mind ;


When it comes to Pitbulls, the beast is most often the TWO legged animal on the other end of the leash.SO TRUE

Pit Bull Kissing Booth | 22 Words

Pit Bull Kissing Booth