The art of Japanese flower arrangement. In Japan, many schools still teach and hand down the ancient art form. Similarly, the Ikebana Collection by the Aquage team was cultivated through a mentoring program.


Loving these colorful ombre hair ideas but it's making me feel old. 10 years ago I'd own that.

MUNGYO Soft Pastel for Students, Square type 32 Colors (Hits in Korea) >>> Click image for more details.

💜❤️💙Even though it says "side walk chalk," this is the same exact recipe for hair chalk. 💁💜❤️ Note: If you have dark hair, add drops of food coloring of your choice

There are some type of Burgundy Hair Color such as Classic, vivid or old burgundy, maroon or oxblood. Here We have 16 Best Burgundy Dark Red Hair Color Ideas

Rainbow Hair Ideas for Brunette Girls — No Bleach Required ★ See more:

30 Rainbow Hair Looks for Brunettes