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Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it. Parents think if they give their children everything they want, they're doing them good. Instead teach them how to have self-confidence. That will take them much farther in life.

Ugh... I hate this

And it is usually something extremely minor that finally sets me off.the "straw that breaks the camel's back." That's the truth!

Sagittarius ♐♐ Do Not like Selfish People and all of the above indeed I do..

Sagittarius ♐♐ Do Not like Selfish People and all of the above indeed I do. AND Stubborn People Who Can't Except That They Are Wrong!

I think Ican speak for everyone when I say screw those people who blow out of proportion *cough modern day feminists *cough old school feminists were better *cough

Just compare what you are making a big drama fest about with the news of terminal cancer and if you still think it's a big deal then may be it is otherwise you need to reevaluate and get over it


"or not so secretly-ssshhhh.my OCD is that I work so very hard at NOT being OCD!did I spell Ocd correctly? should it be all caps? all small letters or a mix? where's a dictionary?so very true

Nothing gets past me

Odd I don't consider myself cocky, I just pretend to be to get laughs.


Sagittarius being a mutable sign make them black and white . there is no gray area with mutable sings especially if they are on the angles. This is so true

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Sagittarius: At the worst of their stubbornness, a Sagittarius doesn't give two fucks if you're mad at them will act like you don't exist <---- true story

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Sagittarius has the worst time coping with = intense emotions, loss of freedom and people who aren& what they seem

Lack of self confidence

"jealousy is just a lack of self-confidence" couldn't agree with anything more. Jealousy is a hard thing to beat. and self confidence is a hard thing to gain.