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Hmmmm Hilarious - Who knew?  LoL  I never did - Soul White???  LOL , too cute -- love my life :)) I love laughing and smiling -- and you do that to me , Dummy LOL - Put happy #turquoise in your life! #positivityincolor

TURQUOISE recharges the spirit during times of mental stress. Give turquoise to a loved one to protect them from negative energy.

This colour is of your throat chakra ... Spiritual meaning......"communication"

Evolve with the color turquoise //color facts, positivity in color, color psychology, meaning of turquoise

Image result for pinterest pale aqua

Image result for pinterest pale aqua

Turquoise Hello Beautiful Day Journal

This softcover Turquoise Hello Beautiful Day Journal has plenty of lined pages printed with soy ink to jot down the day’s thoughts.


Alcohol Inks on Yupo

Basically anything from ice cream green - Tiffany blue and anything in between but Aqua/turquoise is a safe bet for a color. Any shade bright or light.there will be something similar and blend able for either gender.

Lamborghini Aventador. ☆MïăÅņňã☆》

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Tiffany Blue Lamborghini Aventador -if I wasn't so sold on Lambos needing to be a sporty color like red, this would be the car of my dreams!

Given the Kia Rio’s reputation as one of the most eco-friendly vehicles on the road today – 85-percent of Rio’s materials are recyclable at the end of its lifespan – the subcompact provided a natural automotive alter-ego for Aquaman, symbolizing his role as protector of the environment, both land and sea. The Aquaman-inspired Rio 5-door also received the West Coast Customs treatment with special gold, green and orange exterior paint and a body kit featuring custom-fabricated fins.

Kia Aquaman-inspired Rio 5-door