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Tulppaaneja Alankomaitten pelloilla.

collision of engineering (wind turbines and barge on the channel) and nature (colorful tulip fields in Holland). Photographs of Tulip Fields in the Netherlands by Normann Szkop.

Love Buddha

A sparrow steals a food offering which had been placed in the mouth of a statue of Lord Garud statue in Kathmandu, Nepal on Sunday. The idol of Garud is usually made of black stone and has a human form but sometimes has the beak and wings of a bird.

Dutch Tulip Fields

空から見るとこうなるのか! オランダのチューリップ畑

Aerial Photographs of Tulip Fields in the Netherlands by Normann Szkop Netherlands landscapes flowers

Tulip Fields, Lisse - the Netherlands (Aerial photo)

The tulip fields of Lisse, The Netherlands. This is the centre of Holland's flower growing region. During the spring when the tulip fields around Lisse are in a colourful bloom, hundreds of thousands of local and foreign tourists visit the area.

Amsterdam, Tulip fields

Sunflower - Beautiful fields and fields of sunflowers. photo Aerial view of tulip flower fields in Amsterdam. Beautiful looks like a quilt A.

Aerial Photos of Rural Landscapes — 5 things I learned today

Aerial Photos of Rural Landscapes

Nature: more beautiful than Photoshop! (Flower Fields in Carlsbad, California by Alex Maclean)