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~~Baby Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey~~ Awww, it looks like this little monkey is sucking it's thumb!

I'm in need of some serious of relaxation, thank you Cascade Spa!

This cute orangutan baby may need a new hairdresser. He is having a bad hair day today, Will go & make an appointment for u


Baby Chimpanzee Welcomed at Korea's Everland Animals baby Animals


Funny Cheeky Monkey: Smile break image for the classroom brain break.


Orangutan baby's bad hair day, reminds me of me when I wake up in the morning!

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aacf663b704a9dbb218f862c4e00fb16.jpg (463×720)

This Proboscis monkey is one of many endangered animals from the mangrove forest. It may seem hard to believe, but male proboscis monkeys use their fleshy, pendulous noses to attract mates. Scientists think these outsize organs create an echo chamber that amplifies the monkey’s call, impressing females and intimidating rival males.

IMPERILED PRIMATES: The peculiar proboscis monkey is just one of the endangered animals unique to mangrove forests.what a nose!

маленькие обезьянки - Поиск в Google

First Winter II by Ben Torode. A Japanese Snow Monkey settles in to a hot spring bath at Jigokudani, Nagano, Japan



showing a little baby pink tongue, I love it!

No, I WON'T smile for you! The cute baby gorilla who thinks she’s a cheeky monkey. Sugar and spice and all things nice: Little baby girl gorilla Atinbi jokes with the photographer