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Summo sohvapöytä

Sumo Wrestler Table: “It’s not a fable. It’s a sumo table! Look how agile, it’s semi-fragile. Sumo man is hand painted, it’s time you get acquainted.

amazing concept shoes by Kobi Levi. too awesome.

concept shoes by Kobi Levi - ummmm, not my style at ALL but someone does have an imagination! These make me laugh, not sure more so the brown dog-nose ones or the grey doggie-wants-to-play pose shoes.

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Dogs Who Forgot How To Dog, Click the link to view popular images!

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This week's pinsday gives new meaning to "hair of the dog." LIKE this if you're having a better hair day.  #dog #hair

hahaha lol lol can't stop laughing :D did your dog curl up in your hair an die? Idk why this is so funny.

Look at this little fluffin muffin. What a doll.

I love this movie, this picture makes me smile, please keep any negative comments to yourself.

Si papá no encuentra la mochila del bebé busca soluciones originales. Padre canguro

Baby Daddy All Bundled up for Winter Selfie Baby Burrito or Kangaroo Pouch? Dad is taking a great picture of himself and his baby all bu

Too funny!

Haha Dobby has no master! Dobby is a free elf; Harry Potter gave Dobby a chicken leg!

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Well, That Didn`t Go As Planned

Hammock FAIL Poor baby, but it does make me laugh! This is for all my dog lover friends