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Make the big statement projected by your little details a positive and professional one. It will impact your business dealings, and add to the overall success of your professional image.

ριntєrєѕt: @αlrєadуtαkєnxσ♡

I'm sad/laughing because this is so true

I've always been slightly disgusted with this movie for that reason. I mean, a human and BEE romance?!?! This day and age.. *covers face with hands*

I feel concerned for who was writing the script of the bee movie.

NOAA: Warm winter weather isn't due to global warming -

I laughed too hard.

This makes no sense. But it looks like a wannabe Full House xD

I will push you

Omg YESS lmaoo this is sooo true.

Today Top 42 LOL images (06:09:41 AM, Wednesday 01, February 2017 PST) – 42 pics

Today Top 42 LOL images AM, Wednesday February 2017 PST) – 42 pics<<<<<I want to be eith those girls with popsicles.

Q mãe é essa?KKKKKKKK

lolz online - An Ordinary Day With Mom


Beyonce and Jayz xD jealousy

facts onna big rat, mariahkayhearts

All day honor band practice


yup, when the bus driver suddenly slams on the brake.

.-. Yah dont say....

Eric and his astute observations: 28 People Who Are Too Dumb For Their Own Good

I'd pay to see this insult battle.

I'd pay to see this insult battle.

Check out this awesome post: Epic insult battle!



Queue jumping - Loved this moment in Dead Like Me

@Daphneeeeeeeo #howtoughamiblackedition

With a busted lip 👊🏿🤕