Ukai Keishin

Anime picture with haikyuu!g ukai keishin single tall image short hair looking at viewer blonde hair simple background white sitting bent knee (knees) arm up male ribbon (ribbons) boots jacket jeans armchair blue jeans

Haikyuu!! Texts  omfg Kenma hahahaha XD                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Texts omfg Kenma hahahaha XD yo but can we just take a second to let it sink in that kuroo's contact is daddy

"Ball." They're like dogs! THIS IS THE BEST THING IVE SEEN IN AWHILE  Haikyuu comic funny (Tumblr: Spatziline) / Kageyama / Hinata / hq / karasuno

haikyuu, hinata, kageyama, tsukishima, yamaguchi<< rip to the baby tbh😂😂😂

Anime nerf gun fight

Bokuto, Oikawa and Kuroo making the mistake to mess with Daichi, but totally fail because they had it coming.

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Ukai Keishin and Takeda Ittetsu

Not minds, but he's pretty good with moods. Bokuto has so many, after all.

Not minds, but he's pretty good with moods. Bokuto has so many, after all.

Awesome! :)

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Oikawa tooru x Iwaizumi hajime Iwaoi

#Oikawa #Kuroo #hq

Reasons this would happen: college

Hush little owl, don't you cry

Manga: Haikyuu// I only watched the anime and I loved it so much! It brought me to tears it made me laugh etc truly amazing (I love sport movies, series, anime etc. I'm a really competitive person😂 so I bet the Manga is dope too

viria haikyuu - Buscar con Google

: Coach Ukai Keishin :: he looks soo cute with his hair down! >w< RIP to his Japanese voice actor Tanaka


-- "The Light Of The Training Camp" by Suncelia / Haikyuu / hq / karasuno / fukurodani / datteko / nekoma / shiratorizawa / volleyball / Hinata / Kageyama

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Ladder Bros

Yaku x lev

*also raises hand*

Able x eveyone

oo i didn't think i'd say this for oikawa but HOT