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Funny pictures about Interesting spotted dog. Oh, and cool pics about Interesting spotted dog. Also, Interesting spotted dog.

Top 37 des chiens au pelage hors du commun

Top 37 des chiens au pelage hors du commun

Gorgeous Dog! He's a chimera, which means one animal that genetically is 2 animals!! He is a black Labrador AND a yellow Labrador! Gotta love science!

This is awesome! "This is Bull. He's a chimera, which is a single animal that genetically is two animals. In his case, a black lab and a yellow lab. The result is extremely adorable.

Love the unique markings on this bulldog

28 Dogs With Extraordinary Fur Patterns And Markings Like You’ve Never Seen Before: Animals, Dogs, Pets, Puppy, Zebra

10 Hunderassen so wie Du sie noch nicht kanntest

10 Hunderassen, so wie Du sie noch nicht kanntest

This mosaic Labrador retriever has a somatic mutation which causes yellow labs to show black spots.

Da bekommt jeder große Augen!

20 Fotos der perfektesten Zufälle. Nr. 3 ist echt makaber.

Tiffany, the Cat, has a cat portrait on her side! Hope you all find the portrait !

Das sollte jeder Hundebesitzer wissen.

Wenn dein Hund DAS macht, bedeutet es etwas Unglaubliches. Das sollte jeder wissen.

10 Surprising And Secret Ways Your Dogs Says “I Love You”. My dog loves me!

The DNA dog test on this beauty would be interesting. This is Titus the Albanian pitbull This dog is truly something else.

NOT A CHEETA, AN ALBANIAN PIT BULL. The only one of its kind! At first glance, you may think Titus is a cheetah, but look again. This dog is so rare, that he's the only one of his kind in his entire breed.

I Love all Dog Breeds: 5 Unique Dog Breeds you never come across

I Love all Dog Breeds: 5 Unique Dog Breeds you never come across We have a blue thai ridgeback and everyone is always drawn to him.

Sprachkurs Hund mit Martin Rütter: Körpersprache und Kommunikation

Hund erziehen - fünf wichtige Kommandos

Gros chien! Mais je pense que ses pas vrai. Et vous en penser quoi?  Big dog! But i dont think dit is réal. Wath do you think?

Holy crap------that's one big dog A Great Dane's brain is about 72 grams, or just over two ounces US.