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Design Against Fur -julistekilpailun Mirka Suikkasen teos huutokaupassa 2.4. | Animalia

This is a poster to stop people from wearing rabbit fur products.

Buy alternative, let the animals keep their fur!

Christy Parsons on

When shopping, please remember to choose cruelty-free, because compassion is always in fashion!

The Creator gave me skin and fur for warmth and protection. Humans have their own skin and the ability to make clothing. I do not steal yours so please allow me to keep mine. You have power over me, so please, I beg of you, choose kindness over cruelty.

Cruelty is not a fashion statement, I can't stand the fur industry. Fur farms exist in the US and in other countries and torture animals for their skins. These animals can stay alive for several minutes after they are skinned if skinned alive.

This is the picture that tore my heart out!! It started my road to being cruelty free!!

Stop animal testing Ughhh. I only buy cruelty free beauty products. How can anyone not care enough to stop?

Stop the Dog Meat Trade!!! China has NO animal welfare laws!!!! Stray dog rescue #animalrights: Animal Rights, Animal Cruelty, Faith In Humanity Restored, Animal Abuse, Faith Restored, Faith In Humanity Dogs, Animalabuse, So Sad

Faith in humanity.: Animal Rights, Animal Cruelty, Faith In Humanity Restored… this is amazing that people saved the dogs. sad that dogs have to be slaughted.

This Dog That Thinks the Parade Is All For Him

I love this picture. People in Mexico waiting to see the Pope, but this little dog thought it was all for him! So cute. it's an older photo, but still so adorable!

Read more: https://www.luerzersarchive.com/en/magazine/print-detail/rspca-54108.html RSPCA  (We’re all creatures great and small.) Campaign for the animal welfare charity RSPCA, Queensland. Tags: Tim Hall,,Engine Group, Brisbane,RSPCA,Kory McAvoy

RSPCA Queensland: Pig A pig's intelligence equals that of a toddler. We're all creatures great & small.

FLORIDA and OTHER DOG WELFARE PERSONS -Absolutely DO NOT allow any animals to be pulled by NEEDFUL SOULS (who are now located in Florida). In Georgia for a short while, unfortunately were able to pull some dogs (mostly Pit Bulls) out of rural shelter. He has been in and out of jail for fraud and is bad news! He preys wherever there is weakness and also has shown an extreme temper. These are the names affiliated: BRETT COCHRAN, ART COCHRAN, ROBIN COCHRAN. Florida does not require Dept. of Ag…

Our calendar is generally used to post when we are going out to leaflet, do an information table, or otherwise educate the public about animal cruelty i