Pastel Blue/Gray Hair if i could dye my hair this color i totally would! love it!

ICE BLUE OMBRE: We’re kinda obsessed with this hair color! The color combination is fit for a snow queen. This complex shade of dark hair with hints of dark grey, light grey and light blue is truly one of a kind.

me for the role-play, just minus the bow and the piercing...  I'm Kaitlynn, daughter of Aphrodite. I'm kind of shy, but can be very out going too. I have ADHD. I'm athletic and adventurous. I'm a girly girl, but sometimes dress as a tomboy. My mom's Aphrodite, I can pull it off :) My closest friends are Annabeth, Percy, and Emma (she's joining the board soon). My hair started out as a prank (Percy) but i decided to keep it this way. I love animals :)

What Suprising Hair Color Should You Have?

Dye your hair to turquoise hair color - temporarily use turquoise hair dye to achieve brilliant results! DIY your hair turquoise with turquoise hair chalk

How to Bleach Hair

pastel colours are big at the moment, this is one of my favorite pastel hair colours, pastel pink, stars from amelia lily to ellie goulding have rocked this seasons must have!

love it even the faded color looks good!!

long dark purple hair love her hair! dyed tips twisted side ponytail Straight hair with texture on Gemma Ward

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Young women around the world have gotten fed up with how good older silver vixens can sometimes look with their gray hair and have started dying their hair gray