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Finnish Grammar

Finnish is not the easiest language to learn, but it is pretty logical. The best way to learn a language is to have proper motivations. Such as you have no choice because your survival depends on i…

Learning Finnish- keittiö

How I'm Still Learning Finnish

All the online resources I'm using to study the Finnish language, as well as tips and offline techniques. This is how I'm learning Finnish remotely.

The reasons why I'm learning Finnish, and it's not why you might think!...The short answer is I love it!...*Read more.

Why I'm Learning Finnish

Why I'm learning Finnish. This strange language that I’d been playing at learning, all of sudden became something rare and desirable:

Learning Basic Finnish

Learning Basic Finnish

Conjugating the words in Finnish is pretty logical… As long as you get the hang of it. In the first column, it is the list of personal pronoun. The colors that matches refers to the same typ…

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It's often the most common words that cause confusion. The Finnish word 'koti' means 'home', and here are some tips on how to use the word. For more Finnish study materials, visit my website and blog. Don't forget to sign up for my free resource library!

Want to learn Finnish online? Finking Cap provides fun and valuable material and online courses for Finnish language learners all over the world.

I love you Swedish- Jag älskar dig!

Aww, I can tell anyone how much I love them in diffrent languages now!

Finnish Christmas printables Joulu

Multilingual Christmas Printables

Have holiday fun with these multilingual Christmas printables - in Chinese, English, French, and more!

Seasons in Finnish

First Finnish Infographics – Seasons in Finland

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Suomi Finland (by MsMoney).  This is my country. I´ve  been to most of the places mentioned here. On this map you can see where our capital Helsinki is situated.

Suomi Finland (by MsMoney). I´ve been to most of the places mentioned here. On this map you can see where our capital Helsinki is situated. <<< Lappeenranta is like my other home.

Finnish Partitives & A Little More

Making Finnish Questions

There are two ways of making questions in Finnish. by using question words by using the -ko/-kö suffix