Postcards of Art Nouveau Princesses por NeverBirdDesigns en Etsy

One day, when I learn how to dye fabric =))))) _______________________ Art Nouveau Princesses by NeverBirdDesigns on Etsy

Art Nouveau Costume Designs III by Hannah-Alexander

Art Nouveau Costume Designs I by Hannah-Alexander (Esmeralda from Hunchback of Notre Dame

Beauty and the Beast Genderbend

Beauty and the Beast genderbend (this is adorable!) I never realized how cool a gender bent beauty and the beast would be !

Could not resist by Milady666 on DeviantArt --- I DIDNT THINK ABOUT THIS, BUT NOW I SHIP IT!! FREGO!!! :D

Could not resist by on DeviantArt GoGo and Fred. At first I thought it was a little weird, but it's growing on me. Makes me think of Beast Boy and Raven!<<<Add this to my list of ships

older Hiro trying on Tadashi’s blazer

"Older Hiro trying on Tadashi's blazer". In other news, I am a puddle. He was kinda wearing his blazer when the explosion happened-