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George Clausen - Little Child, 1888. Leeds Art Gallery.

A Little Child, 1888 - Sir George Clausen

George Clausen, "Farmer's Boy"

Farmer's Boy, 1884 by Sir Geoerge Clausen (English

The Shy Child ~ George Clausen (1852 – 1944, English)

George Clausen (1852 – 1944, English)

The Shy Child ~ George Clausen – English)

George Clausen (1852 – 1944, English) | I AM A CHILD

George Clausen (1852 – 1944, English)

Study For Head Of A Girl (Emmy Wright) George Clausen – English)

Sir George Clausen

Pintura de Sir George Clausen, "Breton Girl Carrying A Jug".

In the Street, George Clausen

In The Street by Sir George Clausen, 1889

"Uma Cabeça de Rapariga" - Pintura de George Clausen

George Clausen: Portrait of a Girl's Head, 1886

A Girl in Black (1913) by Sir George Clausen

A Girl in Black (1913) by Sir George Clausen


George Clausen el arte del Trabajador

A Village Girl (Rose Grimsdale) By George Clausen

Sir George Clausen

Gleaners Sir George Clausen, R. (Ruth gleaned from Boaz' wheat field.


Thousand furs (artist Tang Wei Min, Chinese oil painter)

Dora Alis  -  DORA ALIS MERA V. DORA ALIS MERA V. Pintora colombiana Firma artísti...

Fine Art and You: 20 Beautiful African Children Paintings By Dora Alis

Sir George Clausen, "Summer in the Fields". http://www.gatorindo.com/2012/05/clausens-country-girls.html

Sir George Clausen, Summer in the fields.


"BUTTERCUPS" George Elgar Hicks (English painter) 1824 - 1914 oil on canvas, 91 x 51 cm. x 20 in.), signed and dated l.

Wonderful Watercolor Painting by Liu Yunsheng

Drawing Portraits - Liu Yun Sheng Discover The Secrets Of Drawing Realistic Pencil Portraits.Let Me Show You How You Too Can Draw Realistic Pencil Portraits With My Truly Step-by-Step Guide.