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whyyy :'(

How long should a 2000 word essay take to write Mar 2008 · i'm writing an essay, and it's got to be 2000 words long, so how long would it take?

College Problems

College Problems -- All professors do!

Seriously starting off those emails is the most awkward thing ever..."Umm..hi, Dr. so and so...."

College Problems: Email professor, try to sound smart


I can see this happening especially at Slippery Rock

College Problems #900

F****** 400 dollar textbook

college problems 452.

college problems lol happened to me last week.

the worst part? going through the whole project and still not knowing their name at the end.

group projects are lame

it really does

This is going to confuse me. I am in high school and I don't even know all my classmates names, now there will be people in my class who haven't been there all semester.

college problems

Haha not if you're trying to be a successful science major

never failed but i do know what it's like to struggle to get a B in a class

never failed but i do know what it's like to struggle to get a B in a class

Drives me insane

i'm not in college...but when i am...this will happen

college problems from michigan"

College problems 999

hahahah so true

College problems 423

Story of Theory/Research/Reasoning class -_-

so true! i dont even have enough hours to be a full time student right now!

Story of my whole damn college career.

College Problems #597: total confidence dropper

College Problems totally happened to me