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Dogyuun (Toaplan)
Perhaps the demographic of the early 80's was more youth oriented, but the Video Game Club mini magazines were pretty cool. There weren't a lot of selections, so nearly each title had a box-cover photo. The reverse side had a poster featuring a game like Donkey Kong Jr., Q*bert, MoonSweeper, etc. You can view a few issues on the Digital Press site.  Read more: http://www.8-bitcentral.com/blog/2014/columbiaHouse.html#ixzz2xMzTtTAD

Columbia House “Clubs” had everything from LPs & cassettes to video games & a branded Atari 2600 clone

The Arcade Flyer Archive - Video Game Flyers: Thunder Fox, Taito
Guardian Heroes (Treasure)
ECO Fighters, found on Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2 on PS2
Sega Ninja/Ninja Princess, Arcade, Sega, 1985.
Daytona USA #arcade #sega #japan
Moon Patrol ( Midway)