Eric Belousov is a Russian designer and founder of the influential and experimental poster collective Ostengruppe.

•Fibonacci •Albert Exergian

Print-Process is the sister company to Blanka, selling graphic art by leading graphic designers, available in and sizes.

Art meets Dance

Art x Dance Art Art director cover Artwork Visual Graphic Mixer Composition Communication Typographic Work Digital Japanese

122 Cool Event Poster Designs https://www.designlisticle.com/event-poster/

122 Cool Event Poster Designs

Idea graphic could be used with the Acoustic Rooster book maybe alternative book report? Originally: Rooster Walk - Festival Posters by Selman Design

Theme?? Working together all in it together not just one person it's a group thing

Typography inspiration

"Change The Thought" print. This style also could be explored. Overstepping letters and the word is broken down.like sat ur day in 3 lines.

Gyssler Felix / Bräunig Niggi Schweizerisches Tonkünstlerfest Basel Year: 1975

Cut up an image and split apart the sections to create a texture Felix Gyssler & Niggi Bräuning

Ikko Tanaka -  Theatre poster, Bronze medal for a cultural poster at the Poster Biennale in Warsaw 1972. From Graphis Posters 73

Ikko Tanaka / Theatre poster – Bronze medal for a cultural poster, Poster Biennale Warsaw 1972 Graphis Posters 73

Resultado de imagem para jazz poster

Music posters devoted to jazz by Olya Konstantinovskaya, via Behance