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A great garden DIY that points the way to all the best bookish places. Have always planned to do this with cities where family members live. This is fun.

Book Fetish: Volume LXXVI

Dream locations, love this! ( create your own dream destination...inspiration)

Directions to Magical Places cute photography movies movie harry potter peter pan hogwarts narma

Tea cup bird feeder

Create this simple, unique and inexpensive to make bird feeder for yourself, or for that bird lover in your life. Tea cup and saucer bird feeder.

Yeahhhh. Gimme, gimme.

Book Jar: "Write down the titles of books you want to read on little slips of paper and then put them in a jar (or whichever container you deem suitable! Then randomly pick one out of the jar to decide what to read next." What a fun idea!

DIY Garden Whimsy Project Fun! - http://divaofdiy.com/diy-garden-whimsy-project-fun/

10 Great Ideas To Give Your Garden A Touch Of Whimsy

Street sign :) Fantasy.....is that on the map...witch way did they go... ha I new I shoulda taken the broom.....

DIY Project - This is such a cute idea for a child's bedroom or playroom, with each sign painted in a different color & font style. You can customize it to your child's favorite places in stories & real life. Awesome idea for a family DIY project.

Ein Garten oder Hof Dekoration sind Ihre Gäste sicher nicht vergessen! Diese Maßarbeit Stück umfasst Ihre bevorzugten Reiseziele (oder der Orte auf Ihrer Liste zu tun)! Jede Phrase ist am schönen Hand gepflückt, aufgearbeiteten Holz Dielen mit langlebigen draußen Acrylfarbe. Auch können wir eine Mischung aus Treibholz und aufgearbeiteten Holz, wie gesehen in den letzten beiden Bildern so einfach message uns für weitere Details!  Jedes Zeichen ist zwischen $27-32 je nach Länge des Wortes…

Personalized Driftwood Travel Sign with destinations and mileage--great wedding decor idea!

Beneath the Rowan Tree: Which Way Shall We Go? DIY Literary Garden Sign Tutorial

Beneath the Rowan Tree: Which Way Shall We Go? DIY Literary Garden Sign Tutorial--put on a post in the ground to have signs point four directions instead of two.

3 aufgearbeiteten Holz Pfeilzeichen rustikale von UpcycleCharm

Pack of three Rustic Upcycled Arrow Wood Pallet Signs In this 3 pack of Arrows, you may choose 2 Plain arrows and 1 Quote arrow of your choice.