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The Rule of Anime (1-50)

Law Of Anime And nor do the normal characteristics of gender! This is a place where u can easily get mistaken for thinking s boy to be a girl or vice versa. Welcome to Åñïmê and I hope ull enjoy ur stay~ cuz u ain't ever going back

I like how all of their jaws are dropped beyond human capabilities, and Erza's just like what in the world, can I kill it?,funny, text, Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Erza, Gray; Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail Omg, this is with Isenwald, Erigor, and the Lullaby Flute. I'd remember those train tracks anywhere<--- "Can I kill it?

True daaaaaat #Meow

The top two are VOCALOID guys! (They're also my 2 favorite with Kaito being :D) Not anime guys. Only the bottom guy is an anime guy (the perverted camera kid from Baka and test).

souleater, durarara

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Maka and Soul meet Celty. Heh, she got a bit scared there. That's so Celty.

Difference between Sport and Anime

Difference between Sport and Anime

Funny pictures about Society Problems. Oh, and cool pics about Society Problems. Also, Society Problems photos.

hahaha!! What are the odds. This arc was so hilarious!! Gintama is so stupid and awesome! Love these 3

Started Watching Gintama, Really Good Show Lolz