Ja !

I wish I hadn't worked so hard to make that marriage work. Glad he finally divorced me! Now I'm happy that my high school sweetheart is back in my life!

Crazy but yes I do. Real world of course! But when I need to down load...I'm in the spiritual-mystical world.

I'm in the spiritual-mystical world.

Pisces Daily Fun Fact

Pisces Daily Fun Fact (true for me)

I became so irritated, now I just leave you alone completely.

Pisces weakness is often being confused.

Pisces.. very true, my kids are amazed with the info i know just by going with my gut.

Being open-minded is a true Pisces trait.

Pisces thinks about things nobody else things about.

pisces thinks and worries about things nobody else thinks about.

We get stronger when pushed and honey, we know how to push back!

Trying to break down a Pisces will only make them stronger.


I was keeping it to myself but people assume.

I have fights and then five minutes later when people don't wanna talk to me I'll be begging for them to.

I have two crushes who are these EXACT signs

Well, one particular Pisces comes to mind.

Love my scorpio boys

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Bloop bloop I'm a fishy

Pisces now the truth...

Pisces are spiritual creatures with open minds. A great way to get their attention is to feel passionately about your beliefs.

I should better learn to trust my instinct



Scorpio and Pisces : Photo

Pisces Facts, it's a curse

So fuckin true!!

"Once a Pisces has deleted you from their memory, there is no UNDO button that can fix that. Game over!" So be very sure it's what you want before burning your bridges with a Piscean.