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‘Justice League’ Movie Confirmed, Zack Snyder to Direct! has confirmed that a Justice League movie is in the works, and will be the next superhero movie for the studio after Batman vs. Superman, the Wall Street…

The New 7 - Jim Lee

Contents Welcome to Justice League Fan Fiction Wiki ! Justice League Fan Ficition Wiki is a.

Justice Vengeance and a little bit of kickassness!

How Much Does it Cost to Be Iron Man or Batman? Images and Infographics that show how much it would cost someone to become Iron Man or Batman.

Failed Mad Scientist

green lantern batman dc comics superman superheroes black canary supergirl green arrow aquaman the f Wallpaper

Batman Turns 75 by techgnotic on DeviantArt

Which Bat Family Member Are You? Have you ever wondered what member of this family you were? Whether you were witty like Dick Grayson, stubborn like Damian Wayne, spunky like Barbara Gordan, serious like Bruce Wayne, or torn between the two sides of good

1957 and 60 were not the best years for batman... Brightest, yes... Poor batman

INFOGRAPHIC: The Evolution of the Batsuit

The Evolution of the Batsuit (Photo) What we have here is pretty damn cool. An impressive assemblage of all the iterations of the bat suit spanning Some I’ll admit I had no idea even.

Brilliant. Simplified Super Heroes and Villains Icons.

The Incredible Icons from re:design. DC Universe superheroes (and some Marvels too;) done in the style of Aiga icons.

Superman - by marco_nelor | #comics

When Video Game Artists Get To Redesign Comic Book Superheroes. Art by Marco Nelor

36 Pictures Taken By Superheroes: A Selfie Before Saving The World

36 Pictures Taken By Superheroes: A Selfie Before Saving The World

The Flash Selfie variant cover art, by Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, & Hi-Fi