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Why can't you just be happy for Batdog lmao?

Texts from Dog: My nerves are made of steel.

Texts from Dog these make me laugh a lot more than they probably should. I wish I could text my dog!

Text message from dog....hahahahaha!

Text Messages From My Dog

The language is terrible, but this is one of the funniest things I've ever read.

Texts From My Dog

10 Funniest Texts from Dog Pics)

If dogs could text

Texts from Dog. (I smacked her cat right in front of her) - dying

Text from dog

Here Are 10 Text Messages Your Dog Would Send You. The Last One Is My Favorite!

Ever wonder what would happen if your dog owned a phone and could text you? This compilation of funny text messages from your dog is the best! Please SHARE with others if you enjoyed it too 🙂

LOL i love texts from dog

New texts from dog!

Texts from the dog! (This dog uses terrible language, but he is hilarious)

Texts from dog

Don't mess with Batdog or else. Texts from Dog.

Dogs and Yo Mamma jokes- good stuff!

If cats could text.... #Cats #CatLover #SpiritAnimal #IfCatsCouldText

7 Examples Of When Cat Texts - HumorMeetsComics

What if my cat could text ? > Text from Mittens

Mittens Is Jealous of Stumpy's Bar Mitzvah, Which Will Include Twerking -- So He…

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That shit makes me laught so hard and i don't know why

12. The dad who makes his own abbreviations.

Epic dad - Ownage - Aug 2012 - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED- lol yaaasss i wish my dad was this awesome haha jk he is

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So sad.but so funny.


Not quiite how it works mate 😂

Texts From Dog

Dog text messages are my favorite.